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Does your low back pain mean you have a low back problem? Maybe, maybe not!

While I was in school and working with a local doctor I was fortunate to do a research paper on your not so typical low back case.  Most people think that because you have pain in the low back area, this is where the problem lies.  Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it’s not.  The case present in the picture shows just that.  This patient hadrecently been to several chiropractors with no relief and was told her only option was surgery.  The problem, no one had ever addressed her neck.  Following 6 weeks of adjustments she was 100% pain free.  I’ll repeat, this was only chiropractic adjustments, no traction or exercises.  If your interested in finding out more about this read my article at http://www.squidoo.com/low-back-pain-marietta

Dr Nate

Berner Family Chiropractic

3225 Shallowford Road Marietta GA,30062



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