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Way to go Gisele Bundchen!

I applaud Gisele for stating her opinion that sunscreen is “poison” and should never be put on your skin.  You’ll hear most “experts” say this is completely false, but then ask them where are the safety studies?  Despite what most people think, less than 5% of all chemicals in sunscreen have EVER been tested for safety!  This means we have no idea what hazardous health effects they may have, but that’s not something your going to hear on the news.  The entire sunscreen industry has become more controversial as of late, with more consumers finding that hazardous chemicals such as benzophones, PABA esters, cinnamates, and many more are present.  This may sound crazy to you, but remember that doctors once recommended cigarette smoking and eating trans fats as part of a healthy lifestyle and we all know how that’s turned out.  I recommend you do some reading on your own to find out more and only put all natural products on your skin.


Dr Nathan Berner



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