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Vaccine Information You Might What to Know

I’ve been getting lots of vaccine questions lately, which is great, keep them  coming.  I found it interesting that most people do no realize that not 1 double blind, placebo study has EVER been done on the safety of vaccines.  Sounds crazy right?  It’s true.  Aren’t we suppose to prove the safety of something BEFORE we test it on people?  In reality they just compare the new vaccine to the old vaccine, but there has never been a single study comparing a vaccines to a placebo!  It’s puzzling they can say it’s safe when it’s never been studied.  If you don’t believe me do all the searching you want, but be prepared to search for a long long time.  In fact that’s how I became interested in the topic.  I was so sure vaccines were great that I set out to prove my friend wrong, but after hours and hours of searching I was shocked at what I found.  Aside from the staggering number of researchers who have a financial stake in the outcome of the study, they are also distorting many of the statistics in order to hide the truth.  I encourage you to investigate as I did.

It’s great that I’ve had the opportunity to interact with so many open minded people who are willing to do some research on there own, and form there own opinions once they are educated on the subject.  I hope anyone curious about vaccines will take the same approach and look at things with an open mind.


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