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Are you or your kids consuming this dangerous chemical from your water?

Did you know a chemical linked to dental fluorosis(pictured), bone fracture; bone cancer, joint pain, skin rash, reduced thyroid activity, and IQ deficits is probably in your water supply?  This chemical, fluoride, is the only substance added to the water supply serving as a medication.  If you weren’t aware, the CDC recently recommended lowering the fluoride by 50% in the United States.  This is a tough place for them to be, because admitting fluoridation of the water supply as a mistake could bring about massive lawsuits.  Although a step in the right direction, there is virtually no evidence that shows fluoride to be helpful in any way (At very best it shows it may prevent a minimal amount of tooth decay, but in statistically insignificant amounts).  It’s only in our water supply as a results of faulty science decades ago.  The good news is it’s become a hot topic all across America and communities are beginning to look at more recent science, which all show the risks far outweigh the benefits, if there are any.  Calgary became one of the first major cities in North America to remove fluoride from the water supply (most of the world outside of North America has already adopted this policy).  If you want to learn more check out this great website! http://www.fluoridealert.org/


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