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Amazing subluxation correction

I wanted to share with you a case from several months back because I thought it was really amazing.  The patient was a former chiropractic student who had been suffering worsening tremors in her right hand for several years.  She had been to several chiropractors/medical doctors with no improvement.  The initial x-ray was taken and it showed a complete reverse of the cervical curve.  Within 2 adjustments all tremors were gone and she was feeling great.  Post x-ray was taken 10 days after care began (no adjustment on that day).  As you can see the obvious difference in her spine and the interference was removed from her nervous system.  All if this with chiropractic adjustments ONLY! No need for traction or exercises when you have a specific way of looking at the spine that gives reproducible results.  If doctors or students are interested in learning more check out the upcoming seminar:  http://www.squidoo.com/marietta-chiropractor-pierce-results-seminar-april-15-16














Courtesy of Dr. Capoferri


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