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Before and After X-Rays following chiropractic care

Here is a really good case with the post x-rays taken today.  You can see the obvious changes in her spine, due to the fact her subluxations were corrected (with chiropractic adjustments alone, no traction/exercises/etc). If you want to learn more check out the upcoming Pierce Results Seminar this weekend!  Learn to get these types of results consistently, on nearly every patient http://pierceresults.com/default.aspx

Here is a brief overview of the case:

Marian is a 63-year-old female who presented on 3/10/11 with fatigue, left TMJ, neck pain and stiffness (8/10) radiating to the shoulders, headaches (2/10), post nasal drip, upper back stiffness and pain (8/10), hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, LBP (10/10)

Upon re-evaluation today (4/13/11), she reported the following improvements (given in % overall improvement):

fatigue: 75%
L TMJ: 100%
neck: 100%
headaches: 100%
sinus: 50%
upper back: 100%
LBP: 75%

X-Rays courtesy of Burlington Chiropractic

On both sets of x-rays, notice how much closer the red and black lines are in the second x-ray (red indicates where the spine is, and black indicates the optimal position)



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