East Cobb Chiropractor – Structural Correction Chiropractor

What is Structural Correction?

Often times chiropractors, physical therapists,  MD’s, massage therapists, etc focus more on relieving symptoms  such as:

1. Decreasing muscular spasm

2. Increasing range of motion

3. Reducing pain

This is what most people tend to focus on and quite honestly most do a really great job at it.  Unlike traditional chiropractors, at Berner Family Chiropractic we focus on Structural Correction using video fluoroscopy.  What’s that you might ask?  I like to think of it like a house in which the foundation has sunk down a few inches on one side.  The floorboards might begin to creak and the drywall may begin to show some cracks.  The traditional doctor would focus on the secondary conditions, and choose to put an extra nail or two in the floorboards to keep them from creaking, and patch up the cracks in the drywall.  But do any of these really address the true cause of the problem (the foundation)?   Symptoms in the body are often times just secondary conditions as well.  You can choose to deal with the muscle spasms, decreased range of motion, and pain by “patching” up the problem, just like  the house or look to the underlying cause ( the foundation ).

If you’re problem is related to a structural shift in your spine you might need to find someone who specializes in structural correction.  This is why we focus on correction of the entire spine in our office.  We’re looking to get to the root cause of the problem, not just patch it up and relieve the symptoms.  We do this by using a specialized video x-ray system where we can see the spine, live, in motion to pinpoint exactly where the problem is.  You wouldn’t want a dentist to drill every tooth to make sure they got the right one.  In the same way we don’t want to guess which area might be the problem, but can now easily identify it to get the structural correction as quickly as possible.

(BELOW)You’ll notice the blue line is the center or foundation of the pelvis.  The spine should line up directly above this line.  The yellow “x” indicates where the problem was and the adjustment was given.  Following care you can see the structure has now been corrected.


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