East Cobb Chiropractor – Structural Correction Chiropractor

Problems Running or Jogging?

Many people have knee or ankle pain associated with running or jogging.  Can you imagine if one leg was taking 10 pounds of pressure more than the other leg on each and every step?  It’s pretty reasonable to suspect you might have some problems if this were the case.  Believe it or not thisis something that’s very common because the pelvic structure has shifted out of it’s normal position.  As with any condition there are many different ways to deal with the problems.  You can try some new running shoes, wear a knee brace, or try switching the surface you’re running on.  But will any of these correct the true cause of the problem?  Of course not.

If you have a structural condition in your pelvis you may need to see someone who specializes in correcting the structure of the spine.  Below  you’ll see a picture of the pelvis, which is normal.   You’ll see one that’s abnormal or “twisted”.  You can see the hips aren’t level from top to bottom and the pelvis is also rotated.  This is also causing the spine above to shift out of it’s normal position in the same way as the foundation of house sinking down on one side causing the walls to crack.  Can you imagine running every day with a pelvis like this?  If someone where to weigh 200 lbs, their body might feel like 105 pounds on one leg compared to 95 lbs on the other.  Now compound this with running or jogging a few miles each day.  It makes it pretty easy to see why problems might develop.  Correcting the structure of the spine can does more than deal with just the symptoms, it gets to the root cause of the problem.  You can fix the walls of the house or you can choose to look at what’s causing them to crack (the foundation).



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