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Doctors From Around The Country Traveling to Berner Family Chiropractic This Weekend!

This weekend will be an exciting weekend in many ways!  I’ll be speaking at the Pierce Results Seminar this weekend held at Life University on Friday evening and at my office (Berner Family Chiropractic) on Saturday.  Doctors from around the country will be coming to Marietta to learn new ways to correct the spine as quickly as possible.  Dr Vern Pierce Jr and Dr James Galgano will be instructing the level 1 seminar.  My office is already expected to be nearly full so if you’re a doctor or student in the area and would like to attend visit http://www.pierceresults.com for more information.  Can’t wait to see everyone here!

Here is an example showing changes in spinal motion within 24 hours.  This is the same patient before and after 1 office visit!  Come learn how technology can change the way you look at the spine!

Dr Vern Pierce Jr


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