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Can You Predict The Past From A Single X-Ray?

Have you or someone you know ever been told you’ve lost the curve in your neck?  You might be thinking no big deal.  However, it’s important to keep in mind WHY the curve is there to begin with.   As your spine developed it was formed in a such a way that the curves give it strength in your daily activities such as walking, running or jumping, just as an arch has strength.   It’s almost ALWAYS the case that when the curve is lost or reversed,  these types of spines develop neck problems and arthritis.  I often have patients amazed that I can tell them they were probably in a car accident or had a serious injury 25 years ago(or how ever many years ago it was)  just from a single x-ray.  It’s easy!  Arthritis forms in a very specific way once an injury has occurred and the structure of the spine has shifted out of it’s normal position.  Once you know the pattern of how this develops, you can predict how long ago and how severe the accident was.

I told this person they were probably in a car accident 25 years ago ( turned out to be 24.  Pretty close!)

This person I predicted is was within the last 5 years (it was)

And this was around 10 years ago (it was 9 I believe)


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