East Cobb Chiropractor – Structural Correction Chiropractor

Do You Have Any of These?

An x-ray can be a very valuable tool in identifying if someone has structural problems in their spine.  Now you make think it would be something you would definitely “feel”, but that’s not always the case.  Think of how many times someone who seems very healthy drops dead of a heart attack or develops as large cancerous tumor in their body.  They felt fine, but didn’t “feel” anything until the disease process was well under way.   There are some VERY definite indicators on an x-ray that let’s me know if someone has a structural condition in their spine.

In the x-ray below you will see what normal looks like on the left.   It should have the following things:

1. A smooth curve towards the front

2. Large healthy discs

3.  The front of the spine should touch the blue line

4.  No arthritic bone spurs

(BELOW, CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE) In the abnormal spine on the right you will see there is a complete reverse of the curve in the neck.  The discs between C5-C6 are beginning to wear out.  They suffer from Anterior Head Syndrome, due to the fact the head has shifted out in front of its normal position, evident from the blue line no longer touching the spine.  And minor bone spurs are beginning to develop at C5-C6.  If you have any of these issues you may need to see someone who specializes in structural correction of the spine.  Remember, in our office a conversation is NOT a commitment.  We want you to feel right at home and are always willing to sit down with you for a consultation without any gimmicks or high pressure sales pitches.


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