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What Does Arthritis In The Spine Look Like?

Arthritis in the spine can be a very important indicator of a structural problem.  Most arthritis indicates a long standing problem that has been left uncorrected following an accident or injury.  The longer the problem is left uncorrected, the more bones in the spine will have arthritis and there is a definite pattern that develops as it spreads up and down the spine.  There are a few things we look for:

(Pictured Below)

1. Bone spurs- you’ll see small or large spurs coming off the front of the body of the vertebra

2. Degeneration of the disc-  you will notice the dark space between the bones is thinning.  This indicates the disc is wearing out due to a long standing structural problem. (1A is normal, 1B is abnormal)

When people do not have any structural issues in the spine, there will be no arthritis.  I’ve taken an x-ray of a 94 year old who has a perfect neck curve and guess what, no arthritis!  Don’t let anyone tell you arthritis is something that is natural with aging.  The older you become, the more opportunities you’ve had to injure yourself and as a result of the injury arthritis will develop (unless the structural issue has been corrected)



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  1. Thanks for posting this. This information really helps people that are suffering on arthritis.

    December 9, 2011 at 5:04 pm

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