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What Effects Can Bad Posture REALLY Have On Your Body?

When someone exhibits poor posture, it usually means they have a structural problem.  What does that mean?  It means something in the spine has structurally has shifted out of place, causing it to appear as though they have bad posture when looking from the outside.  It may not seem all that bad, but take a look at one study that shows those with bad posture (a structural problem) have an increased mortality rate (death).  While it may not seem obvious, bad posture is going to put extra stress on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and nerves in the body, leading to extra wear and tear on the body.  Over time this is going to lead to increased health problems and the longer the problem is there, the harder it becomes to correct (because generally arthritis begins to appear over time).


Older People with weak posture had 1.44x greater mortality rate.

Study of 1,353 osteoporosis patients:
• Posture was assessed as Normal or Hyperkyphotic (forward head). Hyperkyphotic was defined as requiring more than a 1.7 cm head support hold head level.

People with hyphekyphotic (Anterior head) posture had 1.44x greater mortality over the next 4.2 years.

D. Kado, MD, Huang, DrPH, A. Karlamangla, MD, PhD etc. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Volume 52 issue 10, p 1662 –10/2004


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