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London Trained Gourmet Chef to be at Berner Family Chiropractic

Emma Irwin, who has fed the Prime Minister and Queen of England among others, will be presenting at Berner Family Chiropractic along with myself. DON’T WORRY WE ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING, attempting to sign people up as patients, and there won’t be any “once in a lifetime” offers.  It’s simply a fun evening (non chiropractic related) and we hope you will enjoy yourselves.  My only goal is to be looked upon as a resource and should you need a chiropractor down the road, maybe my name will be the 1st to come to mind.

Our presentation will cover your traditional party (think Super Bowl) foods but with a healthy twist.  We realize you’re not going to abandon your favorite party snacks and we don’t expect you to do that.  Our goal is simply to make you aware of what’s typically in those dishes as well as teach you to put a simple, yet healthy spin on things while having them still taste great.  On the menu is a gluten free pizza, grilled wings, and some assorted party dips.

Anyone is welcome to attend, along with any guests.  We simply ask that you let us know in advance so we can prepare an adequate amount of food.  Those in attendance will receive a goody bag, which will include a t-shirt, a copy of our newsletter, as well as the recipes and cooking instructions on how to prepare these dishes in your own home.

The event will be held Monday, February 27th from 7:00 to 7:45PM at Berner Family Chiropractic.

 Have a Great Day!

Dr Nathan Berner


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