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Neck and Disc Related Pain: Why Structural Correction Is Recommended

Anterior Head Syndrome or A.H.S. for short has five indicators or signs, and if you have one of the following indicators – then you may have Anterior Head Syndrome.  This is indicated by the following signs:

  1. Muscular tension/Spasm
  2. Dowager’s Hump (“Granny Hump”)
  3. Compressed (Degenerated) Disc
  4. Nerve Impingement Syndrome
  5. Damaged (Degenerated) Vertebra

Anterior Head Syndrome is a Primary Condition that if not addressed properly through Structural Chiropractic care may lead to serious Secondary Conditions, such as; Neck & Back Pain, Sciatic &Hip Pain, Numbness & Tingling, Muscular Spasm & Tension, Pinched Nerve (N.I.S.), Degenerative Disc & Joint Disease.

It’s Much More Than Just Your Posture

Look what medical doctors who researched this condition had to say in their own research:

Older People with weak posture had 1.44x greater mortality rate.

Study of 1,353 osteoporosis patients:
• Posture was assessed as Normal or Hyperkyphotic (forward head). Hyperkyphotic was defined as requiring more than a 1.7 cm head support hold head level.

People with hyphekyphotic (Anterior head) posture had 1.44x greater mortality over the next 4.2 years.

D. Kado, MD, Huang, DrPH, A. Karlamangla, MD, PhD etc. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Volume 52 issue 10, p 1662 –10/2004

Bad posture could raise blood pressure.

Direct neural connection between neck muscles and nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS – a part of the brainstem which plays a crucial role in regulating heart rate and blood pressure.)

Study author I.J. Edwards

This study could explain elevated BP and heart rate with neck injuries like whiplash or ergonomic activities like hunched over a computer all day.

The Journal of Neuroscience, DOI: 10.1523/neurosci.0638-07.2007

“Anterior Head Syndrome/ Foward Head leads to long term muscle strain, disc herniations, arthritis… ” — Mayo Clinic November 3rd, 2000

“Deviations in the body’s center of gravity (read: poor posture)… have resulted in intestinal problems, hemorrhoid, varicose veins, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, POOR HEALTH, DECREASED QUALITY OF LIFE, and a SHORTENED LIFE SPAN [my emphasis added].” — Journal of the American Medical Association Volume 165(7), pages 843-846

“Loss of cervical curve stretches the spinal cord 5-7 centimeters and CAUSES DISEASE [my emphasis added].” — Dr. Alf Breig, neurosurgeon and Nobel Prize Recipient

“For every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” — Dr. Kapandji, Physiology of Joints — Volume 3

special thanks to Keith Wassung for finding these studies for me. 

Normal Structure IS NOT an option, as the graphic points out. If your spine does not look like the normal then you must have your spine corrected. Now anyone who understands anatomy knows that rubbing the muscles won’t correct AHS and  a few exercises won’t correct AHS either. Physical therapy will work on the Secondary conditions, yet cannot correct the Primary Condition – Anterior Head Syndrome.

What is my recommendation?

Our Correction methods are unique in that we have specialized equipment (video x-ray) to pin point the exact location of the problem.     Our patient complementary recommendations regarding their condition is a must and helps not only alleviating the symptoms but also helps reduce and improve Anterior Head Syndrome.  We also use heat scans of the spine, before and after each visit to track the progress in an objective way.  This customized plan, just for you, allows us to see exactly how things are progessing.

What we won’t do is patch up your problem, really who wants to put a bandage on a bullet wound. AHS is serious and calls for serious measures, which we utilize in our office. Our methods are not better than any other health care option, but our methods focuses on solving AHS (should you have that particular problem)- and we do that well.

Call our office to set up at  a consultation or if you like book your seat for our Structural Correction presentation night.  Neither is an examination. There will be nothing sold to you and there is no pressure to do anything. Just information so you can make the best decision for your health.

Have a GREAT day!
Dr Nathan Berner


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