East Cobb Chiropractor – Structural Correction Chiropractor

What is “Vertebral Locking” ? (Demonstration Video)

“Vertebral Locking” is used to identify where a structural problem is within the spine and the means to correct it.  Why is this important?  We often find secondary conditions (neck pain, tight shoulders, back pain, sciatica, etc) are a results of an underlying cause.  That underlying cause is a structural shift of the spine, causing the vertebra to become locked in an abnormal position.  All too often many doctors or chiropractors will attempt to manage  the secondary condition (let’s say shoulder tightness as an example)  It’s like a house on an unsteady foundation.  We can continually patch the drywall every time it begins to crack and probably keep it looking fair, at least temporarily.  The more reasonable approach would be to address the foundation, and then take care of the secondary issues.

The spine is exactly the same way.  Should a structural issue be the real cause of the shoulder tightness, the only real way to correct it once and for all is to deal with the structural issue, or the problem will continually keep returning.

Below is an example of a structure shift cause “vertebral locking” at the 6th cervical vertebra.  You will notice a “side view” of the neck with the jaw to the right of the screen.  You will see the patient attempt to look up and the ceiling and as far back as possible.  You will notice there is very little motion.  24 hours following her 1st adjustment, you will see the obvious change in motion, as the “locked vertebra” is now freely movable.  Once unlocked, the structural shift will moved back into it’s ideal position over time.

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