East Cobb Chiropractor – Structural Correction Chiropractor

Is It Really That Easy To See?

It’s VERY simple.  There is a definite normal range when it comes to the spine, just as there is a normal range for blood pressure or heart rate.  You simply need to identify the indicators of a structural issue and your answer becomes very black and white.  Someone either has a structural issue or they don’t.  One of the most reliable indicators is the video x-ray, where we look for “vertebral locking” as a result of a structural shift in the spine.

The spine should be freely movable and create a smooth arc when looking up or down.  Anything that deviates from this is due to a structural shift.  Something has shifted out of it’s normal position and has become “locked” in the abnormal position.  Many traditional chiropractors are able to locate these through manual palpation (using hands) but the gold standard, across the entire medical profession, is video x-ray.  Studies show it’s simply the best tool for identifying which vertebra is “locked” and it’s not even close.  It’s simply the most accurate way of finding this condition.

When something has deviated from normal (a structural shift that has become locked) then it’s very common to experience secondary conditions.  Whether it be headaches, vertigo, back pain, disc problems, or any assortment of other things, these secondary conditions are caused by the structural shift.  Our goal is simply to correct the primary cause.  Below we are looking at a side view of the neck.  You will find  several examples of “vertebral locking” with normal on the left, and abnormal on the right.  Normal should create a smooth arc down the back of the spine.  Abnormal will appear as a “kink” or a “break” in this smooth curve and is very apparent when you follow the red dashed lines.


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