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Is it a Primary or Secondary Condition?

This morning I took a progress Structural Evaluation (below) on a guy not much older than me.  He found his way into my office after having stabbing pain in his low back and sciatica down his leg for over a year.  Now, we first must determine is the low back pain and sciatica the root cause of the problem?  Or is it merely the “symptom” of something deeper?  Should I work on the muscles in the low back that are in spasm, or attempt to find WHY they are this way?

You see, in my office, I always look to get to the root cause, which  is the Primary Condition.  Anything that occurs as a result of the Primary Condition, are what we call Secondary Conditions (aka symptoms such as low back pain or sciatica).   Simple, right?  Good!

In this man’s case, the Primary Condition was a Structural Shift in his pelvis and lower spine.  As a result of this, Secondary Conditions slowly crept in (symptoms).  You see, the muscles in his low back were not the problem, but simply the result of the structural shift.  (the Primary Condition).

By comparing the normal structural to his structure (far left), you will see the obvious differences.  Over the course of several weeks you’ll see the progress (moving to the right), which has him nearly back to normal.  And it just so happens his Secondary Conditions (low back pain and sciatica) are nearly 100% improved as well.  But that’s what we should see.

So the next time you have an issue, you may want to consider, am I really addressing the Primary Condition?


In the examples below, you’ll notice the normal spine has the center of the pelvis (blue) in alignment with the center of the pelvis and low back (red).  In the example showing progression, you’ll see it begins to the left.  As the Structural Shift is corrected it gets closer and closer to normal as time progresses (blue and red lines should be in alignment).


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