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Yoga and Structural Correction

I’ve had several patients ask me for my opinion on taking Yoga.

While I won’t claim to be an expert, I do think it’s great. Almost anything that gets you moving around and active is a positive in my book. Can yoga replace Structural correction chiropractic? Not in my opinion. But it goes both ways. Structural correction care cannot replace yoga either. They are both separate and unique. However, the do compliment each other quite well and I think it’s great for patients to consider as a means of staying active an improving both their mental and physical health.

Here are a few more things to consider:

1. In yoga it’s less about the destination, and more about the journey. I realize the poses are not the ultimate goal of a yogi. However, it’s important to keep in mind that doing these things incorrectly could lead to structural conditions or worsen existing ones. Have you ever noticed that during a certain pose it’s different on the right versus the left? Have you seemed to reach a certain plateau and you’re having trouble taking the next step in your journey? If this is the case, there is a possibility a structural condition might be playing a part. This is something traditional chiropractic care may not be able to help.

2. Motion is always a great thing. When I evaluate patients on our state of the art video x-ray system (see example below), we look for Vertebral Locking. Essentially this means a vertebra is “locked” and not moving properly, contributing to the structural condition. Our goal, through structural corrective care, is to “unlock” these areas and show the before and after difference on the video x-ray. This is why yoga compliments structural corrective care so well. Again, I realize yoga is not simply about flexibility, but it does play a part. Anything that helps get motion back into the spine (in a normal way), is going to be something that compliments structural care very well. Yoga does this.

3. Could yoga cause or exacerbate structural conditions? Absolutely, if not done properly. I recently had a conversation with a yoga instructor and she stressed the importance of doing things properly. She expressed her desire to instill in her students this exact point. It’s common for students and teachers alike to experience severe SI joint problems from improper poses by creating a shearing action in the joint when done improperly. This can even occur with no pain. There can also be a problem with many of the twisting motions when not done with a proper foundation.

4. Building upon number 3, do you constantly feel the need to twist, crack, pop, your spine or get into certain poses? This could be a sign of a major underlying structural condition. When you feel this need, you’re essentially “stimulating” the brain to turn off the pain receptors. But this only lasts for a brief time before you feel the need to do it again. You see, the pain receptors in the brain have an “override” of sorts. When you twist, crack, pop, or stretch your spine in certain ways, it’s like hitting the “override” button to the pain receptors in the brain. They are shut off for a brief time. But you’ll soon feel the need to do it again because it’s only temporary. The is finding out why this is happening.

In essence, structural corrective care and yoga are both unique and cannot replace each other. But yoga is definitely something I’d recommend to patients when they ask my opinion. It compliments structural corrective care well by keeping you active and adding motion to the spine.


Are you at a greater risk for heart disease?

A new study shows those common antidepressants are associated with a 35% increased risk of heart disease.  That’s a very large number of Americans when put into perspective, considering 10% of the population ( 27 million people) are on some sort of antidepressant drug.  What’s even worse is antidepressants are no longer only being prescribed for only depression, but now back pain, headaches, anxiety, and sleeping problems.  Not that I’m advocating chiropractic is only good for headaches and back pain(it’s much more than that) but why not choose a safe, drug free alternative with no side effects?  Next time your doctor recommends any sort of antidepressant you may want to think twice!  Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8171128/Commonly-used-antidepressants-may-raise-heart-disease-risk.html


Report shows government wasting billions of dollars

With all the talk of a government shutdown looming, a recent report shows the government is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.  That got me thinking, I wonder how much we waste as a whole if all of the useless drugs and surgeries were factored in?  With the health care crisis that’s looming, why are we putting billions of dollars into things that don’t work, such as cholesterol medication, vaccines, or why are we inflating the prices of supplements like fish oil (think Lovaza).  Someone I know was recently prescribed Lovaza and he told me what they cost.  Let’s say I was simply astounded!   I do have to admit, as much as I disagree with many of the pharmaceutical adds on TV, they are brilliant from a marketing standpoint.  It’s no wonder they have so much success getting people to do things that have little or no research to back them up.  Around the corner are probably patents on modified “healthier” fruits/vegetables,supplements , vitamin D, and new vaccines for anything you can possibly think of.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit to see any of these make headway soon or far crazier things I’m not even imagining.  As always, I encourage you to take your health into your own hands and approach it from a natural perspective with proper diet, exercise, and a balanced nervous system!

Link to article http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/02/28/gao-details-billions-federal-waste-report-obtained-fox

Considering the HPV vaccine?


Here is a great link to learn things you probably won’t hear from your doctor.


The biggest debate in health care

Health: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  The definition straight from the World Health Organization.   But does this sound like anything being debated with all the talk of healthcare reform?  Of course not, because we don’t even have a healthcare system, but a SICK CARE system in place.  We wait until we are sick to visit the doctor.  If we’re going by the definition of health stated above, ask your self what would happen if you went to your MD with no signs or symptoms.  They would probably look at you like your crazy and tell you they cannot help you.  But remember, health is NOT MERELY THE ABSENCE OF DISEASE, yet your M.D. has not way to help you get healthy, they can only treat symptoms.  If you truly want to be healthy, not lacking symptoms of disease, you need to take control of your health before it gets to that point.  In time maybe our debate can shift from how to get more prescription drugs and surgery to more people (which obviously doesn’t work), to how can we teach people to be healthy before it’s too late.  Learn to eat right, exercise, and visit a chiropractor to have your nervous system in complete balance and you’ll be off to a great start!

Vaccine Information You Might What to Know

I’ve been getting lots of vaccine questions lately, which is great, keep them  coming.  I found it interesting that most people do no realize that not 1 double blind, placebo study has EVER been done on the safety of vaccines.  Sounds crazy right?  It’s true.  Aren’t we suppose to prove the safety of something BEFORE we test it on people?  In reality they just compare the new vaccine to the old vaccine, but there has never been a single study comparing a vaccines to a placebo!  It’s puzzling they can say it’s safe when it’s never been studied.  If you don’t believe me do all the searching you want, but be prepared to search for a long long time.  In fact that’s how I became interested in the topic.  I was so sure vaccines were great that I set out to prove my friend wrong, but after hours and hours of searching I was shocked at what I found.  Aside from the staggering number of researchers who have a financial stake in the outcome of the study, they are also distorting many of the statistics in order to hide the truth.  I encourage you to investigate as I did.

It’s great that I’ve had the opportunity to interact with so many open minded people who are willing to do some research on there own, and form there own opinions once they are educated on the subject.  I hope anyone curious about vaccines will take the same approach and look at things with an open mind.

Where does the madness stop?


While there is a time and a place for surgery, isn’t it crazy that it can now be FORCED upon you, even if you do not want it?  That’s exactly what’s happening to the boy pictured above, who has already shown signs of improvement without the surgery.  Yet, a Pennsylvania judge has ordered him to undergo spinal surgery against the boy and his parents wishes.  It’s a well known fact that many spinal surgeries are unsuccessful at best, and often  times cause worse outcomes than before surgery.  In this case the boy and his parents are avid believers in natural health care, but will not be given that option if the ruling is upheld.  In my opinion the government has no right to decide how you choose your healthcare options, especially when there is very little evidence to back up the positive outcomes of what they are forcing you to do.  I hate to imagine what they will try to force upon us next…

Dr Nathan Berner, D.C.

Berner Family Chiropractic

If you didn’t already know diet soda is horrible for you…


New research suggest a possible link to a much greater risk of stroke.  Not to mention virtually every study ever done shows diet soda slows your metabolism, causing weight gain.  Diet soda is obviously one of the worst things you can put into your body.  If you’re brave enough, Google “history of aspartame”, but be warned you make be disgusted by what you read…..

Dr Nathan Berner

Berner Family Chiropractic


100,000 sharks mass just off the Florida coast

Not really health related but I thought it was very interesting.   A helicopter recently saw 100,000’s of Sharks massing just off the Florida coast.  Check out the link to read more photos.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1352758/100-000-sharks-mass-Floridas-beaches.html

What may surprise you about cholesterol!

Did you know that high cholesterol levels have almost nothing to do with heart disease? Thats right.  In fact cholesterol is a healing substance in your body vital for life in every single cell in you entire body.  It does very little to attempt to control cholesterol levels with you diet, because the body naturally makes about 90% on its own.  So then why take cholesterol medication to lower something your body is naturally producing, which also has healing properties.  Good question!

First you must understand the root cause of the problem in order to understand the cholesterol dilemma.  Inflammation is the true problem, caused by bad diet, trans fats,  and lack of exercise.  This causes the body to wear down over time, and the body sends cholesterol to the areas where the blood vessels become weak, in an attempt to correct the problem.  Think of it this way, firefighters are often at the scene of a fire, but are they to blame?  Absolutely not, they are trying to control the problem.  In the same way we find cholesterol at the “scene of the fire” attempting to control the problem.  Does this mean cholesterol is to blame?  Of course not.  Did you know lowering your cholesterol has almost zero effect on your chances of having a heart attack?  Drug companies have come up with arbitrary numbers and if your cholesterol levels get above that point, they believe you need to be on medication.  As great as that may sound in theory, studies have repeatedly shown lowering cholesterol lowers “risk factors” for heart attacks, but not “heart attacks” themselves.  It’s all in the way they word things and it can be tricky if your not paying attention.    You should also pay very close attention to the long list of side effects these drugs bring with them, and those are only the most common ones.

So how do I determine if I’m at risk for heart disease?  Homocysteine and CRP levels are a much more reliable test, because they look at the inflammation in the body.  Doesn’t it make sense to look for the root cause of the problem, instead of only examining the symptoms?  Think of it this way; if you’re ingesting toxic chemicals every single day and it causes worse and worse joint pain, are you going to take pain killers or eliminate the chemicals?  Seems like getting to the root cause of the problem is the obvious choice instead of trying to mask the symptoms with prescription drugs, but we don’t look at cholesterol that way because there is just too much money to be made off millions on medication.  I encourage you to research this more on your own if your on cholesterol medication or your doctor has recommended it.

Dr Nathan Berner, D.C.