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Advanced Health Talk

Berner Family Chiropractic will be hosting our  Advanced Health Talk on Monday, February 25 at our office at 6:00PM.   You won’t be asked to sign up for any special offers or pressured to sign up for a “once in a lifetime deal”.  I will simply be hosting a 20-30 minute Introductory Presentation on Structural Chiropractic Care and how it differs from most traditional chiropractic approaches.  You will discover why many aches and pains may be a sign of a more serious condition.    You’ll also be given the opportunity to tour the office and any questions you have will be answered.   The door is open to anyone, and you are welcome to bring guests for a second set of eyes and ears.

If you’d like to attend please RSVP via email at bernerchiro@gmail.com, call our office at 770-726-9968, or let us know via our Facebook page


Dr Nathan Berner


10 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

While I enjoy talking about Structural Corrective Chiropractic, there are things outside of what I do that are also very important to your health.  While I may not deal with them directly,  you’ll want to keep them in mind, such as avoiding the extra weight.

The holidays are the time when everyone “decides” they aren’t going to put on a few extra pounds, but unfortunately it happens to many people despite their efforts.  Below are some simple tips to help avoid that holiday weight gain

1.  Avoid the “creamy” dips and instead try something like hummus for your vegetable dips

2. Use sparkling water with some lemon instead of sugary soda.  Soda is simply empty calories with no nutritional value

3. If you’re going to have a cookie or dessert, avoid the ones with frosting.  Aside from the extra calories, the artificial colors can have a negative impact on your body

4. Do not over indulge on the eggnog.  Even a small amount can be high in calories

5. Avoid any foods with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), as it reduces the amount of leptin (the hormone which tells your body you are full).

6.  Avoid eating too much protein at any single sitting, especially turkey breast.  Go for the leg or thigh, as the extra fat slows digestion and insulin release.  A large amount of protein may result in an insulin rush causing you to crave more sweets

7. Lose the extra calories by avoiding the starchy vegetables, especially any type of creamy, cheesy potato dish.  These taste great, so at least limit yourself to a single small portion to cut back on the calories

8. Be sure to keep up with your exercise program.  Many people fall of the tracks at this point and say “it’s going to be my New Year’s resolution to get back in the gym, but I’ll be lazy for a couple more weeks”.  Remember if you gain 5 extra pounds now, that’s 5 you have to lose come January.

9.Make sure you get plenty of sleep.  Sleep helps produce growth hormone, which burns those extra calories.

10. Eat plenty of fiber to help maintain your digestion for optimal weight loss.

Yoga and Structural Correction

I’ve had several patients ask me for my opinion on taking Yoga.

While I won’t claim to be an expert, I do think it’s great. Almost anything that gets you moving around and active is a positive in my book. Can yoga replace Structural correction chiropractic? Not in my opinion. But it goes both ways. Structural correction care cannot replace yoga either. They are both separate and unique. However, the do compliment each other quite well and I think it’s great for patients to consider as a means of staying active an improving both their mental and physical health.

Here are a few more things to consider:

1. In yoga it’s less about the destination, and more about the journey. I realize the poses are not the ultimate goal of a yogi. However, it’s important to keep in mind that doing these things incorrectly could lead to structural conditions or worsen existing ones. Have you ever noticed that during a certain pose it’s different on the right versus the left? Have you seemed to reach a certain plateau and you’re having trouble taking the next step in your journey? If this is the case, there is a possibility a structural condition might be playing a part. This is something traditional chiropractic care may not be able to help.

2. Motion is always a great thing. When I evaluate patients on our state of the art video x-ray system (see example below), we look for Vertebral Locking. Essentially this means a vertebra is “locked” and not moving properly, contributing to the structural condition. Our goal, through structural corrective care, is to “unlock” these areas and show the before and after difference on the video x-ray. This is why yoga compliments structural corrective care so well. Again, I realize yoga is not simply about flexibility, but it does play a part. Anything that helps get motion back into the spine (in a normal way), is going to be something that compliments structural care very well. Yoga does this.

3. Could yoga cause or exacerbate structural conditions? Absolutely, if not done properly. I recently had a conversation with a yoga instructor and she stressed the importance of doing things properly. She expressed her desire to instill in her students this exact point. It’s common for students and teachers alike to experience severe SI joint problems from improper poses by creating a shearing action in the joint when done improperly. This can even occur with no pain. There can also be a problem with many of the twisting motions when not done with a proper foundation.

4. Building upon number 3, do you constantly feel the need to twist, crack, pop, your spine or get into certain poses? This could be a sign of a major underlying structural condition. When you feel this need, you’re essentially “stimulating” the brain to turn off the pain receptors. But this only lasts for a brief time before you feel the need to do it again. You see, the pain receptors in the brain have an “override” of sorts. When you twist, crack, pop, or stretch your spine in certain ways, it’s like hitting the “override” button to the pain receptors in the brain. They are shut off for a brief time. But you’ll soon feel the need to do it again because it’s only temporary. The is finding out why this is happening.

In essence, structural corrective care and yoga are both unique and cannot replace each other. But yoga is definitely something I’d recommend to patients when they ask my opinion. It compliments structural corrective care well by keeping you active and adding motion to the spine.

Why do Women Often Suffer from Depression, Headaches, Weight Gain, and Anxiety (Part 1)

These symptoms are among the most common experienced by women, and there is a perfectly good explanation as to why.  Hormonal imbalance!  Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that are commonly out balance (very often it’s too much estrogen and lack of progesterone).  One major problem is xenohormones (man-made hormone like substances) that our bodies are constantly exposed to, having estrogen like effects.  They are commonly found in contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, non-organic livestock, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning supplies, glue, soap, cosmetics, plastics, and soy products (there are many more!).

You must also keep in mind a healthy liver is vital to hormonal balance as well, as the liver is responsible for recycling or eliminating estrogen from the body.  If your consuming large amounts of sugar, dairy, trans fats, or processed foods your liver is already going to be working overtime and will not be able to keep up with the work load.  It’s the liver’s responsible to process and eliminate many toxins that come into the body so maintaining a proper diet can go a long way to improving your hormonal imbalance.

When it comes to getting your estrogen progesterone levels balanced, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  If you’re interested in learning more feel free to ask


Have a GREAT day!

Dr Nathan Berner

Marietta Chiropractor

Office Workshop: 4 Secrets to Healthy Holiday Cooking

Emma Irwin, London trained gourmet chef (who’s fed the Queen of England and Prime Minister)and myself will be presenting some easy to implement holiday cooking ideas on December 15 from 7:00-7:45PM.  We’ll take some traditional holiday recipes and put a healthy spin on them while still making them taste great.  It will simply be a fun evening and anyone is welcome, you just need to let us know so we can prepare the right amount of food.  There are no gimmicks and we’ll NOT be selling anything.  We want to to just come and have a great time.  We will provide you with web links to video’s showing step by step how to make each meal.  We’ll also provide you with a small gift bag, including a t-shirt and several recipes.  Hope to see you there!


Published Peer Reviewed Study by Dr Nathan Berner

Here is a link to my published  case article I wrote

2011-1178_kyphosis (1)

What Does Arthritis In The Spine Look Like?

Arthritis in the spine can be a very important indicator of a structural problem.  Most arthritis indicates a long standing problem that has been left uncorrected following an accident or injury.  The longer the problem is left uncorrected, the more bones in the spine will have arthritis and there is a definite pattern that develops as it spreads up and down the spine.  There are a few things we look for:

(Pictured Below)

1. Bone spurs- you’ll see small or large spurs coming off the front of the body of the vertebra

2. Degeneration of the disc-  you will notice the dark space between the bones is thinning.  This indicates the disc is wearing out due to a long standing structural problem. (1A is normal, 1B is abnormal)

When people do not have any structural issues in the spine, there will be no arthritis.  I’ve taken an x-ray of a 94 year old who has a perfect neck curve and guess what, no arthritis!  Don’t let anyone tell you arthritis is something that is natural with aging.  The older you become, the more opportunities you’ve had to injure yourself and as a result of the injury arthritis will develop (unless the structural issue has been corrected)


Do You Have Any of These?

An x-ray can be a very valuable tool in identifying if someone has structural problems in their spine.  Now you make think it would be something you would definitely “feel”, but that’s not always the case.  Think of how many times someone who seems very healthy drops dead of a heart attack or develops as large cancerous tumor in their body.  They felt fine, but didn’t “feel” anything until the disease process was well under way.   There are some VERY definite indicators on an x-ray that let’s me know if someone has a structural condition in their spine.

In the x-ray below you will see what normal looks like on the left.   It should have the following things:

1. A smooth curve towards the front

2. Large healthy discs

3.  The front of the spine should touch the blue line

4.  No arthritic bone spurs

(BELOW, CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE) In the abnormal spine on the right you will see there is a complete reverse of the curve in the neck.  The discs between C5-C6 are beginning to wear out.  They suffer from Anterior Head Syndrome, due to the fact the head has shifted out in front of its normal position, evident from the blue line no longer touching the spine.  And minor bone spurs are beginning to develop at C5-C6.  If you have any of these issues you may need to see someone who specializes in structural correction of the spine.  Remember, in our office a conversation is NOT a commitment.  We want you to feel right at home and are always willing to sit down with you for a consultation without any gimmicks or high pressure sales pitches.

Can You Predict The Past From A Single X-Ray?

Have you or someone you know ever been told you’ve lost the curve in your neck?  You might be thinking no big deal.  However, it’s important to keep in mind WHY the curve is there to begin with.   As your spine developed it was formed in a such a way that the curves give it strength in your daily activities such as walking, running or jumping, just as an arch has strength.   It’s almost ALWAYS the case that when the curve is lost or reversed,  these types of spines develop neck problems and arthritis.  I often have patients amazed that I can tell them they were probably in a car accident or had a serious injury 25 years ago(or how ever many years ago it was)  just from a single x-ray.  It’s easy!  Arthritis forms in a very specific way once an injury has occurred and the structure of the spine has shifted out of it’s normal position.  Once you know the pattern of how this develops, you can predict how long ago and how severe the accident was.

I told this person they were probably in a car accident 25 years ago ( turned out to be 24.  Pretty close!)

This person I predicted is was within the last 5 years (it was)

And this was around 10 years ago (it was 9 I believe)

Doctors From Around The Country Traveling to Berner Family Chiropractic This Weekend!

This weekend will be an exciting weekend in many ways!  I’ll be speaking at the Pierce Results Seminar this weekend held at Life University on Friday evening and at my office (Berner Family Chiropractic) on Saturday.  Doctors from around the country will be coming to Marietta to learn new ways to correct the spine as quickly as possible.  Dr Vern Pierce Jr and Dr James Galgano will be instructing the level 1 seminar.  My office is already expected to be nearly full so if you’re a doctor or student in the area and would like to attend visit http://www.pierceresults.com for more information.  Can’t wait to see everyone here!

Here is an example showing changes in spinal motion within 24 hours.  This is the same patient before and after 1 office visit!  Come learn how technology can change the way you look at the spine!

Dr Vern Pierce Jr